Nottingham Road’s History is a full and fascinating journey… Please follow the links below:

History - Nottingham Road – The Early Days

The small village of Nottingham Road was originally a military fort set up to protect local farmers from the indigenous San people who used to raid the area for cattle. Today Nottingham Road is a popular tourist destination located in the heart of the famous Midlands Meander tourism route. There are a multitude of various […]

History - The Beginning of Gowrie

The allotments of John King and James Ellis were, like many others, too small and stony to be viable for farming. Disappointed, the families were lucky enough to have their own private means and so were able to retain ownership of the land (eventually selling the allotments for a profit) and stay in Natal while […]

History - Fort Nottingham

The fledgling community was on the very edge of civilisation as they were the only white people in the area, and they were troubled by Bushmen who came down from the Drakensberg to steal cattle and horses. Raiding parties consisted of between four to fourteen men, some mounted on horses, some with firearms or poisoned […]

History - Nottingham Road and the Railway Line

Until 1875, Fort Nottingham was described in the deeds office as Nottingham after the Sherwood Foresters’ hometown, but its name was changed to Fort Nottingham to avoid confusion with the village of what is today Nottingham Road, which grew up around the railway line. The line reached the site of the future Nottingham Road station […]

History - Rosetta and Mooiriver

Rosetta In 1895, farmers from beyond Nottingham Road petitioned the colonial government for a station closer to their properties and those in the Kamberg. By 1897 the station, built on the line between Nottingham Road and Mooi River, was erected near what was known as the “Meshlyn road drift”. The station was initially called Springvale […]

History - Trout fishing – How it All Began

One of the main tourist attractions of the Midlands is fishing, especially for trout, either in rivers or stocked trout dams. This thriving industry started on the farm Boschfontein, near Balgowan, in the late 1880s. In 1882, John Parker, who lived on the Tetworth farm north of Howick, wrote to the British publication The Field, […]

Tales and Stories of Nottingham Road Hotel

Legend has it that there has been an inn situated here since 1854. While the actual building we know today is not as old, there could certainly have been on this site a “Notties” inn or a tavern for the soldiers stationed at Fort Nottingham, who were supposed to protect the area from bushmen who […]


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