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DR Ashika Dhulam

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GroundCover Leather Company

Our Story

Groundcover Leather ...

Lavender Trout

Ideally situated on the R103 between Nottingham Road and Michaelhouse school.  Easy to find.  Perfect for a small family or a large group.  2 self-catering Houses available to rent. On weekends we do request a 2 night stay

2 roomed cottage (1 twin) and (1 double) bed open plan kitchen ...

Nottingham Road Fuel and Gas

Phone: 033 266 6390

Fax: 033 266 6119


Physical Address:
R103, Old Main Rd, Nottingham Road, 3280   

Postal Address:

PO Box 98, ...

Dr Greyvenstein


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Spar – Nottingham Road

Trading Hours:

Mon-Fri: 07h30 - 18h00 Sat: 07h30 - 18h00 Sun: 07h30 - 17h00

Contact Details:

Tel: 033 - 2666710 Fax: 033 - 2666710



Long: 29.993    

Lat: -29.3607

The Lilac Crane

A New Conservation and Business Partnership in Nottingham Road

White Cottage Books

Independant Bookshop local to the KZN Midlands

We are an independant bookshop local to the KZN Midlands, with ...

Dargle Valley Pork

Wildfly Fishing

What is it about fly fishing that drives us to distraction?
Few pastimes evolve into obsession and none can derive such satisfaction irrespective of result.
If you’ve already lost sight of what we’re told is important, then you  know where you are and if you’ve just ...